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How to Enhance Your Pediatric Waiting Room with Digital Interactives

Visiting the doctor can be scary, especially when you're a small child. Waiting rooms usually have old coloring books and playing blocks to keep children entertained, but usually don't do the trick. What if we told you our products can transform your waiting room into an interactive, nerve-easing haven for your pediatric patients? Read more to find out!

Draw Alive

Watch your drawings come to life with Draw Alive! Pediatric patients of all ages can enjoy this creative interactive coloring tool, which will bring smiles and ease anxiety throughout waiting rooms and hospital lobbies. Click the image above to watch a testimonal from a pediatric patient at DOĞAPARK Dental Clinics in Istanbul.

Draw Alive is also available in mobile version as shown above! This is a great, low maintenance option for pediatric waiting rooms.

Dynamic Wall

Create a peaceful and relaxing environment in your waiting room with our Dynamic Wall. Watch water ripple and fish react when patients walk by this beautiful digital interactive aquarium.

Quantum Space

Turn any wall into an immersive art show with Quantum Space! Using colorful graphics and motion sensing technology, Quantum Space reacts to user movements in real-time. This interactive is ideal for lobbies, waiting areas, and more.

Breeze Zone

Do you have a large waiting area and want to make it more exciting and engaging for your patients? Add multiple products to create a Breeze Zone! Our suite of products and themes complement each other and are versatile to fit in almost any space. We can help you curate the perfect experience for your waiting area. Below are images of Dynamic Wall and Marine Draw Alive at Pediatrix in Houston.

Our products will create a calming and engaging waiting room while also providing a positive distraction for patients of all ages. We received incredible feedback at the AAP Experience Conference & Expo this past weekend, and our current clients are very pleased with the positive reactions from their patients and their parents and guardians.

Contact us to enhance your pediatric waiting room today!


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