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Interactive Products for Agencies and Clients

At Breeze Creative, we specialize in working with creative agencies that represent a variety of different businesses. Together, we accomplish their clients’ visions. From pediatric centers to traveling and permanent museum exhibitions, our interactive products provide exactly what clients are looking for.

Our interactive products can also be customized to different clients’ needs. We can include their branding, IP, and themes. For example, for the Cartoon Network Hotel in Pennsylvania, we customized our products using characters from their animated shows. Products shown in the video are Dynamic Floor, Virtual Tag, and Draw Alive.

Cartoon Network Hotel - Pennsylvania

At Miami Children’s Museum, we created a special theme in collaboration with Bank of America for one of the exhibits. Shown below is a customized Dynamic Floor theme, where guests can step on coins and count them.

Miami Children's Museum - Florida

Whether your clients want to customize our products or purchase them as is, we will ensure they are provided with the best experience and customer care. We establish great relationships with agencies so they return and bring new clients. If clients wish to remain anonymous, we will work directly with you to ensure the process is seamless.

Are you an agency representing a client looking for interactive products or museum exhibit designers? Contact us today for more information.


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