At Breeze Creative, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our team, family, and clients. We understand that as the world is healing, we want to help as much as we can on our end. Our goal with our touch-free products is to assist in creating a safe yet still fun and exciting environment at family entertainment centers, museums, visitor centers, and more. 

Please contact us for more information on our hands-free interactive exhibits, products, and more.

Product Highlight: Draw Alive

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Although not completely hands free, our best-selling product Draw Alive can be used safely and hygienically while still being fun and exciting.


We recommend storing the coloring pages in a secure location where children can only touch the page they choose and providing individually packed crayons for each child.

For our tablet edition, we recommend cleaning the tablets with antibacterial wipes regularly.  

To learn more about Draw Alive, click here.

Best Practices for Our Products

If you currently own or are interested in any of our products, below we've created a list of best practices for cleaning and sanitizing our products. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We're here to help. 

​​Animated Sandbox

  • Provide one or two hand sanitizing stations by the sandbox

  • Use of gloves is recommended. Can even be called "Archaeologist Gloves" to encourage children to wear them

  • Clean the outside of the box with disinfecting wipes, but avoid products with highly concentrated alcohol as they may cause discoloration

Digital Ball Wall:

  • Clean balls every few hours with hypoallergenic disinfecting spray 

  • Have extra balls and interchange them every five to seven days to deep clean them 

  • We recommend using plastic balls as they are the easiest to clean

Products with touchscreens - Virtual TagSelfie Wall, AR Selfie Station, Aquarium Games:

  • Power down the device (if possible) or ensure your on-screen software can tolerate false touches while you clean.

  • Do not spray the screen directly to avoid getting liquids inside the unit. Instead, use wet wipes, a sprayed cloth, or a dampened cloth with the excess moisture squeezed off

  • Use only non-abrasive cleaning wipes or cloths to avoid scratching touchscreens

  • Avoid highly concentrated alcohol (stay below 70%) and non-diluted bleach or ammonia solutions as these may cause discoloration

  • We recommend cleaning every few hours if possible or at the end of each day