¡El arenero animado es el mejor arenero de realidad aumentada multiusuario del mundo! Esta experiencia interactiva es un nuevo y emocionante giro en el arenero clásico, en el que los usuarios participan al cambiar y rediseñar un paisaje virtual.


Los niños explorarán, crearán y aprenderán usando su imaginación. Apilarán la arena para formar montañas y excavarán cuerpos de agua. Un sensor detectará los cambios físicos de la arena y la proyección se ajustará en consecuencia en tiempo real. Los animales reaccionarán al entorno que los usuarios creen y deambularán solo en sus hábitats naturales. Este arenero de realidad aumentada emociona y sorprende a los visitantes. Comience hoy

Ofrecemos una amplia gama de temas para adaptarse a cualquier espacio: vida marina, dinosaurios, safari, fósiles y mundo de insectos.


"El arenero animado es nuestra primera incursión en la realidad aumentada en el museo y es una delicia para los niños de todas las edades y habilidades.  La arena terapéutica y la naturaleza reconfortante de la exposición encajan perfectamente con nuestra ética inclusiva, así como con nuestro deseo de continuar utilizando tecnología innovadora para enseñar”.

 -     Jennifer Stancil, President and CEO  

Temas disponibles:

Vida marina








Mundo de insectos


What is an AR Sandbox?

Our augmented reality sandbox combines the classic feel of a playground sandbox with the advanced technology of augmented reality and provides a one-of-a-kind experience. A custom-made table is filled with sand and a projector mounted to the ceiling displays one of our five interactive themes onto the sand. A motion sensor attached to the projector will detect any movements and changes to the sand, and the projection will react in real time and display an extraordinary sight. 

AR sandbox

Educational Benefits 

The educational benefits of an augmented reality sandbox are endless and can be a great addition to any exhibit or classroom. Augmented reality layers teach users about topography and how shifting and moving the sand can change the layers of Earth and impact the ecosystem.


All of our themes include different geographical landmarks, including mountains, valleys, and rivers, and an abundance of plants and animals. The themes also provide an outstanding visual augmented reality experience. Our best-selling marine theme shows users how shifting the sand can cause trenches, underwater volcanoes, and reveal new marine life.

Our AR sandbox can also provide a therapeutic experience as the soft grains of the sand help with sensory and touch.

Endless Entertainment

Our augmented reality sandbox provides countless hours of entertainment for users of all ages. Our high-quality themes are bright, captivating, and exciting. Our larger sandbox can accommodate up to ten people at once, making it the perfect centerpiece at any exhibit, hotel, or indoor entertainment center.

Our five themes are vibrant, exciting, and can easily fit into any floor plan. Want a custom theme tailored to your business?

Contact us for more information.


Animated Sandbox Set Up


Ceiling-mounted laser projector casts vibrant, crisp graphics onto the sand. Mounting the projector to the ceiling provides a clean, unobstructed look.

Dynamic motion sensor picks up all movements and changes to the sand


Durable sandbox can hold over 100 pounds of sand and is large enough to accommodate up to 10 people

Animated Sandbox Worldwide Gallery


Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the sandtable?

We have two standard sandtable sizes, regular and small. However, we can accommodate to your needs. Contact us for more information

Why is it called an augmented reality sandbox?

Our AR sandbox is considered augmented reality because our computer-generated images and graphics are rendered onto the sand and provide a composite view of different topography, animals, and landmarks. It really is a unique experience that will wow users of any age.

Can I purchase all five themes together?

Of course! Please contact us and our sales team will guide you through all purchasing options.

What kind of sand do you use?

We recommend using Sandtastik therapy sand, but any dry, white sand will work!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide and will work with your delivery and installation timeline.

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