Digital Ball Wall is a fun and exciting interactive wall game in which users can throw balls at an interactive projector wall and collect points as they hit the targeted objects on the screen. Throw balls at ghosts in a graveyard, collect trash in the ocean, spell out words, or create your own splatter paint masterpiece.


Our interactive ball wall game promotes teamwork, physical activity, and hand-eye coordination, which makes it perfect for physical education classes at schools, sports and recreational facilities, and more. Our new spelling theme also encourages learning in a creative and fun way. 


Digital Ball Wall is currently available in eight themes and can be customized to any client's needs.

Breeze Creative is dedicated to ensuring our products are designed and installed for longevity and guaranteed success. 

Available Themes


Air Balloons

Save the Ocean




Candy Land



Now Available: Spelling Theme!

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ball wall 2.png
ball wall 3.png

Our newest educational theme is available now! How it works: Users can play in single or competition mode. They are given a letter and the objective is to throw balls at all the items that begin with that letter to earn points. 

This theme encourages users to learn about different words and expand their vocabulary.

Contact us today for more information on our spelling theme. 

What is Digital Ball Wall?

Digital Ball Wall is an interactive wall projector game in which users throw balls at the game on the projected screen and score points as they hit the right items. 

Digital Ball Wall uses an interactive projector and a motion sensor to know the users' movements and ball accuracy ensuring an optimal gaming experience. Our exciting, vibrant themes provide a unique play space for children of all ages.

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Digital Ball Wall for Sports and Schools

It has been proven that putting in child in sports and recreation positively benefits their overall wellbeing, and our ball wall projector game can supplement any sports or recreational activity. It encourages physical activity, movement, team play, competitive spirit, and coordination, all of which are important to a child’s growth and development.

Our Digital Ball Wall also provides students with a unique learning experience with our spelling theme. It engages and supplements their intelligence in a creative and interactive way.

Digital Ball Wall for

Entertainment Centers and More

Our Digital Ball Wall provides endless fun to all kinds of family entertainment centers and our various themes are fit for children of all ages. We have multiple set-up options that could work for any space or venue.


Looking for a customized or branded theme?

Contact us today for more information.  


Digital Ball Wall Set Up


Ceiling-mounted laser projector casts vibrant, exciting themes onto the wall


Camera detects where the ball lands on the screen and records the points


Sensor detects user's movements and ball-throw accuracy


Optional: Structured ball pit ideal for younger children or easy clean up