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DRAW alive

Interactive wall projector




This rendering is for Paper Draw Alive with a projector set-up, which is optional.

We also offer television screens in different sizes or a large, multi-screen wall.

DA Projection.jpg






Our standard hardware solution features a projector, but is also compatible with other displays that feature a 16:9 aspect ratio.


Our scanning cabinet features a built-in camera where users will scan their drawings


Hidden computer pre-installed with selected theme(s) built into the cabinet


Coloring table where users will find coloring supplies and templates

What is Paper
Draw Alive?

Paper Draw Alive is a unique interactive wall projector drawing game in which users can watch their drawings come to life on a large screen!


First, pick out a coloring template of your choice. All of our themes come with at least five fun templates to choose from. Next, color in your template and write your name! Once you're done, walk over to the scanning cabinet and place your coloring page under the scanner. In about three seconds, you'll see your template and name on the interactive wall projector! Watch your template and others interact around the screen.

Paper Draw Alive combines creativity and wall projector technology to create magic for users of all ages.


Paper Draw Alive
for All

The magic about Draw Alive is that it fits into any establishment seamlessly.  For restaurants, Draw Alive can serve as a place for children to enjoy and interact with each other while they wait for their meals. At museums, our wide variety of themes are bound to complement many exhibits and will add to the unique interactive experience of visiting a museum.  At schools, Draw Alive can support arts and crafts and students' creativity.



What is mobile
Draw Alive?

Our best-selling interactive is now available in a mobile version! Users will be able to experience the magic of Draw Alive on their own personal mobile devices! ​

Mobile Draw Alive is a simple plug-and-play solution that promotes safety by using one's own mobile device. It's great for restaurants, waiting areas, and more!

Contact us for more information.

Untitled design.png


​Step 1: Clients plug in hardware that is pre-installed with our Draw Alive software to their own screens or monitors via HDMI cable. Once the device is turned on, the selected Draw Alive theme will appear on the screen. Internet is required.

 Step 2: Users will go to on their own mobile devices and log in using the special code shown on the screen. They will then choose a drawing, color it in, send it, and watch it appear on the big screen!

  • What is an interactive floor?
    An interactive floor or interactive floor projector is a projector with a built-in motion sensor that reacts to gestures and movements such as jumps, runs, hand waves, and more. Our versatile interactive floor projection system can be used to play games and also display branding and logos in a fun and unique way.
  • How does interactive floor projection work?
    Simple! An interactive floor projection works by using an interactive projector with a built-in motion sensor to cast a projection onto the floor. The motion sensor will detect a user's gestures and movements while the interactive projector reacts with images, games, and more. Play football in a virtual playground, catch moving letters to spell out a word, and more. With over 100 games and themes, our interactive floor projection is sure to be a hit at any venue.
  • How do you install an interactive floor projector?
    Our interactive floor projector system is mounted to the ceiling with the motion sensor facing downwards so it picks up movement and gestures underneath it. Depending on the ceiling will determine how the interactive projector is mounted for optimal motion sensing and projection of the games and themes.
  • Can a floor projector also be used on the wall?
    Yes, at Breeze Creative we have multiple solutions including interactive floors and walls that can be used simultaneously! To learn more about our solutions and how we can be a perfect fit for your business, please contact us. In the meantime, check out all of our interactive wall solutions here.
  • Can you make a custom-sized interactive floor projector?
    Yes! At Breeze Creative, we work closely with all of our clients who prefer a custom interactive floor, including size, custom games and themes, and branding and digital signage. Our interactive software can be utilized for any use. Contact us today for more information.
  • How can I purchase Dynamic Floor?
    To purchase Dynamic Floor today, please contact us!

"We wanted to prepare something new and exciting. This technology is for children of all ages plus family groups and adds a new dimension to a fun day out."

 -         Phil Knowling

 Communications Manager


"Draw Alive has proven to be a guest favorite at our discovery center for more than a year now. The simplicity of coloring pages makes it accessible to almost every guest who walks through our doors, regardless of age or background. And the ability to change themes from day to day keeps it fresh and exciting for our repeat visitors. No other exhibit lets you fly a helicopter one day and run with dinosaurs on the next!"

                  -      John Krekelberg

                              Director of Technical Experiences


"We installed Draw Alive as our new Summer, 2019 exhibit!  We had great expectations that it would draw excitement for kids; however, we've really been surprised at how much adults enjoy it as well!"

-             Terry Bryant

Executive Director

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