Watch your drawings come to life with Draw Alive! With this interactive digital drawing game, children can color in creatures and animals and watch them virtually come alive on a large screen with the help of our scanning technology. Once their drawings are scanned, children can watch their masterpieces swim, fly, and move throughout a virtual world.

Draw Alive teaches children about arts and crafts and creativity in a fun and unique way.


Draw Alive is available in paper and tablet form.

Our five available themes are bright, exciting, and have enhanced graphics. 

We can also work directly with you to customize a theme. 


This unique, best-selling product can be found at museums and educational centers worldwide. Read our blog about Draw Alive here.


Breeze Creative is dedicated to ensuring our products are designed and installed for longevity and guaranteed success.

Draw Alive has proven to be a guest favorite at our discovery center for more than a year now. The simplicity of coloring pages makes it accessible to almost every guest who walks through our doors, regardless of age or background. And the ability to change themes from day to day keeps it fresh and exciting for our repeat visitors. No other exhibit lets you fly a helicopter one day and run with dinosaurs on the next! 

                  -           John Krekelberg

                              Director of Technical Experiences


"We wanted to prepare something new and exciting. This technology is for children of all ages plus family groups and adds a new dimension to a fun day out."

-                           Phil Knowling

 Communications Manager


"We installed Draw Alive as our new Summer, 2019 exhibit!  We had great expectations that it would draw excitement for kids; however, we've really been surprised at how much adults enjoy it as well!"

-                        Terry Bryant

Executive Director



Marine Life


Fantasy World

Untitled design (7).png




Untitled design (7).png

Farm Animals






Winter Wonderland

Untitled design (7).png

NEW! Mobile Draw Alive

Our best-selling interactive is now available in a mobile version! Users will be able to experience the magic of Draw Alive on their own personal mobile devices! ​

Mobile Draw Alive is a simple plug-and-play solution that promotes safety by using one's own mobile device. It's great for restaurants, waiting areas, and more!

Contact us for more information.

How it Works:

Step 1: Clients plug in hardware that is pre-installed with our Draw Alive software to their own screens or monitors via HDMI cable. Once the device is turned on, the selected Draw Alive theme will appear on the screen. Internet is required.

 Step 2: Users will go to iDrawAlive.com on their own mobile devices and log in using the special code shown on the screen. They will then choose a drawing, color it in, send it, and watch it appear on the big screen!


Paper Draw Alive


What is Paper Draw Alive?

Paper Draw Alive is a unique interactive drawing game in which users can watch their drawings come to life on a large screen!


First, pick out a coloring template of your choice. All of our themes come with at least five fun templates to choose from. Next, color in your template and write your name! Once you're done, walk over to the scanning cabinet and place your coloring page under the scanner. In about three seconds, you'll see your coloring and name on the screen! Watch your coloring and others interact around the screen.

Paper Draw Alive combines creativity and technology to create magic for users of all ages.


Paper Draw Alive for All

The magic about Draw Alive is that it fits into any establishment seamlessly.  For restaurants, Draw Alive can serve as a place for children to enjoy and interact with each other while they wait for their meals. At museums, our five themes are bound to complement any exhibit and add to the interactive experience of visiting a museum. At family entertainment centers, Draw Alive can easily fit into any space and serve as a place where children can sit, relax, and color. For educational institutions, Draw Alive can support the fundamentals of using arts and crafts as an opportunity to gain knowledge and explore their creativity.

Paper Draw Alive Set Up

This rendering is for a paper Draw Alive with a projector set-up, which is optional.

We also offer television screens in different sizes or a large, multi-screen wall.


Optional: Professional-grade projector with 4000 lumens of brightness provides clear, vibrant images


Custom made scanning cabinet with built-in camera where users will place their drawings and scan them


Hidden computer pre-installed with selected theme(s) built into the cabinet


Not shown: Coloring table where users will find coloring supplies and templates


Tablet Draw Alive

What is Tablet Draw Alive?

Tablet Draw Alive is exactly like our Paper Draw Alive, except instead of using coloring templates, crayons, and a scanning cabinet, everything is done electronically on tablets. 

Our tablets come pre-installed with the selected theme(s) of your choice. Users will select a template on the tablet, color it in, and write their names. Once they're done, they press the "send" button, and within seconds, their coloring will appear on the screen!


Tablet Draw Alive and Commercial Venues

Tablet Draw Alive still gives users the magic of Draw Alive but without the paper and crayons. This option is especially ideal for commercial venues, hospitals, and doctors' offices, as the upkeep is very minimal.

At LaGuardia Airport, we installed a multi-screen wall with four tablets built into a display table. While children wait for their flight, they can color and watch their drawing come to life for as long as they want before they board their flight. When they leave, there is nothing to clean or replace except wiping down the tablets. This scenario can also easily apply to waiting at hospitals, doctors' offices, hotel lobbies, and more. 

Tablet Draw Alive Set Up

This rendering is for a tablet Draw Alive with a projector set-up, which is optional.

We also offer television screens in different sizes or a large, multi-screen wall.

tda rend.jpg

Optional: Professional-grade projector with 4000 lumens of brightness provides clear, vibrant images


Custom-made display table with tablets built in. Note: we can also install them into the wall without a display table.


Hidden computer pre-installed with selected theme(s) built into the table

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