Imagine having the floor beneath you come to life and turn into a virtual playground filled with games, activities, and more! Experience this with our Dynamic Floor.


Using an interactive floor projector and motion sensor, moving graphics and games appear on the ground and react to hand movements, feet movements, and gestures.

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Dynamic Floor fits seamlessly into any business, including family entertainment centers, schools and educational institutions, sports and recreational facilities, corporations, and much more.

Dynamic Floor creates an entertaining and educating space fit for anywhere.

  Projection size, graphics, and themes can be customized for any client and venue.

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Our interactive floor projection system provides many themes and games, including a suite of well-rounded educational themes, sports, dancing games, competitive play games, and much more. 


Dynamic Floor encourages physical activity, coordination, and movement, making it a great fit for sports and recreational facilities.


It is also ideal for schools as it offers educational themes and teaches students interpersonal and collaboration skills, making this an all-around versatile interactive floor projector for children of all ages. 



Dynamic Floor

for Education

With over 25 educational games, our interactive floor projector provides a unique learning experience for students in classrooms, after school programs, and childcare facilities. Games and themes include math, spelling, language arts, music, memory skills, and symbol recognition.


Our many educational themes provide teachers  the opportunity to integrate their lesson plans with other fundamental skills in the classroom, such as movement, physical activity, and interpersonal and social skills. By using an interactive floor projection system, students will become well-rounded, sharp, and develop skills that will benefit them inside and outside of the classroom. It will take their learning experiences to the next level.

Entertainment Centers, Hotels, and More

Our interactive floor projector for kids provides a unique experience to any kind of business, big or small. With over 100 floor projection games, Dynamic Floor is sure to be a hit at family entertainment centers, indoor theme parks, hotels, children's play areas, and more by turning any space into a virtual playground for children of all ages. 

Dynamic Floor can create an endless fun entertainment area with little equipment needed.

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Sports, Therapy, AND Wellness

It has been proven that putting in child in sports and recreation positively benefits their overall wellbeing, and our floor projection games can help supplement any sports or recreational activity. It encourages physical activity, movement, team play, competitive spirit, and coordination, all of which are important to a child’s growth and development. Soccer, football, and many more sports games are available with our projector. 


Movement and physical activity are also essential in hospitals and therapy and rehabilitation centers. Patients can practice balance, coordination, and strengthen their core and legs with our Dynamic Floor.


Our interactive floor can be used as an addition to a patient’s treatment course and provide a positive experience to their healing process; they will be inspired to move and be active and will even be something they look forward to during their treatment. Patients can also practice their memory skills with the included memory games.

Corporate Use

Aside from offering over 100 games, Dynamic Floor can also be doubled as a logo and branding opportunity for corporations and businesses. We can turn any company logo into a virtual showcase with our interactive floor projector. We can also completely customize games and themes using your IP and branding.


Contact us for more information on how we can help make your business stand out from all the rest. 

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Dynamic Floor Set Up

How It Works: Dynamic Floor comes pre-assembled in an easy-to-mount box which includes a projector with built-in speakers, a PC pre-loaded with games and themes, and a motion sensor. Once the box is mounted and plugged in, just turn it on and get ready to have fun!

Professional-grade projector with 4000 lumens of brightness provides clear, vibrant images






Advanced sensor captures every movement and gesture for optimal play experience 

Built-in computer with pre-installed games with option to add app library with over 100 games and themes

Large floor projection can easily accommodate between 8-10 users