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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Cape Canaveral, Florida

slide ksc.jpg

Interactive Slide

Breeze Creative was honored to work with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex again for the creation of Planet Play, an interactive playground exhibit for children of all ages. Planet Play teaches children about our solar system and space in a unique and engaging way.

star gazer ksc.jpg

Star Gazer Scramble

draw alive.jpg

Satellite Factory

Planet Play at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex features three custom Breeze installations, including Dynamic Floor, Draw Alive, and an interactive slide.

Dynamic Floor was modified to create Star Gazer Scramble. Using a touch-capacity LED floor, guests will learn about different constellations in our solar system by stepping on the stars that make up the constellations. They’ll watch as the constellation forms and learn a fun fact about it.

Draw Alive was turned into Satellite Factory, a station where guests can color in different satellites and learn about aeronautical space technology, then watch them come to life and float around in space on a large screen.

The biggest installation of them all is our interactive slide. Together with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, we created a unique interactive slide with different space themes, including an asteroid field and a rocket launch. The projection moves in real time as the guests slide down the

35-foot slide.

Featured Products:

“One of my favorite pieces that Breeze Creative developed for us is this giant LED interactive floor where the visitors stomp on stars and create actual constellations. Then they get fun facts about those actual constellations and it appears right in front of them on this giant LED screen. The idea that kids get to jump and actually create the constellation on the stars was a very creative way for Breeze to make it happen.”

 – Therrin Protze, COO of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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