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Breeze Creative creates products and solutions that fit seamlessly into schools, childcare centers, after school programs, and many more educational institutions. Our products enhance student learning and creativity by teaching environmental science lessons, supporting rudimentary math and spelling skills, engaging artistic creativity using technology, promoting interactivity and team play, encouraging physical activity and hand-eye coordination, and even supporting therapeutic sensory skills. 


We've worked with many clients in the educational marketplace, including Cleveland State University,  Roosevelt Early Learning Center, Preschool of the Arts, and Douglas County Libraries.

We are honored to be a part of the educational and learning experiences of children around the world.


Contact us today to get started on a solution for your educational institution.

Some schools and educational institutions we have worked with:


Animated Sandbox
Animated Sandbox teaches children about topography and the ecological impact of environmental changes, perfect for science classrooms. This solution also encourages sensory skills as children can feel the grains and softness of the sand.
Dynamic Floor
Dynamic Floor features over 25 educational games for children of all ages, including spelling, math, music, memory skills, and symbol recognition. This solution is perfect for any kind of educational institution.
Digital Ball Wall
Digital Ball Wall promotes physical activity and hand-eye coordination, and our new spelling theme supports early childhood education and curriculum.
Draw Alive
Draw Alive enhances creativity and arts and crafts skills, and some themes even teach children about different kinds of animals. This solution is perfect for childcare centers and after school programs.
Wild Run
Wild Run promotes physical activity, team play, and hand-eye coordination, ideal for physical education classes and after school programs.
Quantum Space
Quantum Space inspires children to use their artistic creativity as they watch the colorful graphics move in real time to their gestures, which also teaches them about kinetic energy.
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