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Back to School with Breeze!

School is back in session and we're ready to learn at Breeze Creative! Featured below are interactives that support elementary school core curriculum and encourage social emotional learning.

Seen above is a roundup of our educational games for Dynamic Floor and Digital Ball Wall. These games help teach spelling and phonetics, arithmetic, and geography in elementary schools in a creative and technology-driven manner. These games can also be played multi-player, which encourages teamwork and social emotional learning.

Animated Sandbox

augmented reality sandbox

Our Animated Sandbox is a unique interactive that teaches users about topography and different animal habitats. Augmented reality sandboxes have been used in STEM research, and can now be found in schools and museums across the world!

In an elementary school setting, our technology-driven Animated Sandbox can support science lessons and even assist with sensory development by feeling and molding the soft sand. The smaller-sized sandbox can fit perfectly in a classroom as shown above.

Draw Alive

interactive drawing game

Arts and Crafts is a vital subject in elementary school as it inspires creativity, promotes individuality, and releases stress within students. Our Draw Alive perfectly complements arts and crafts as students can select, color, and name their own template and watch it come to life! With Draw Alive, younger students can learn about core colors, while older students can fine tune their coloring skills.

Does your school need interactives to inspire learning and add a creative touch? Contact us for more information and ask about our special educational pricing!


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