Miami Children's Museum, USA
The Mind Museum, Philippines
Children's Museum at Holyoke, USA

Our products at Breeze provide museums and exhibits with the best multi-sensory experiences for children of all ages. We create one-of-a-kind interactive products that will have visitors learning in the most enjoyable and unique way.

For example, our Animated Sandbox, a best-seller among museums and exhibits, teaches users about topography and different environments using sand, augmented reality technology, and our state-of-the-art interactive projector.


Our products fit seamlessly into children's museums, science museums, and more, as they provide a not only fun and exciting experience, but an educational one as well. Our products can also be tailored and customized to any type of museum and exhibit, just like our Dynamic Floor was customized for the Bank of America Gallery at Miami Children's Museum.


Not only do we work with children's museums, but we work with natural history, art, and other museums geared for adults as well. Check out our blog on how technology has impacted the museum industry, and how our interactive solutions fit seamlessly into exhibits.


We've collaborated with many museums worldwide and are excited to continue collaborating with more. 

Some museums and exhibits we have worked with:


Animated Sandbox
Animated Sandbox teaches children about topography and the ecological impact of environmental changes, perfect for science museums and natural history exhibits.
Dynamic Floor
Dynamic Floor features over 100 games and themes, including math, science, art, dancing and more. Dynamic Floor can be customized and fit perfectly into any museum or exhibit.
Quantum Space
Quantum Space inspires children to use their artistic creativity as they watch the colorful graphics move in real time to their gestures, which also teaches them about kinetic energy. This solution is great for science and art exhibits.
Draw Alive
Draw Alive enhances creativity and arts and crafts skills, and some themes even teach children about different kinds of animals. This solution is perfect for art exhibits at children's museums.
Aquarium Games
Aquarium Games has multiple themes and applications installed, all which teach children about sharks and other marine life. This solution is ideal for science museums and aquarium exhibits.
Custom Projects
Whether's customizing one of our already established products or completely designing and installing a custom project, our capabilities can fulfill and exceed any vision a museum has for an exhibit.
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