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This rendering is for Quantum Space with a projector set-up, which is optional.

We also offer television screens in different sizes or a large multi-screen wall.

Quantum Projection.jpg





Optional: Professional-grade projector with 4000 lumens of brightness 


Motion sensor detects user movements and gestures


Projection where users will see the theme interact and change with their movements


Quantum Space is an immersive visual experience that turns any space into an art show. Abstract artistic graphics and illustrations are generated on a screen and are changed in real time by anyone who stands before it and moves. Watch colors and patterns change and appear as you move; twirl, jump, or wave your arms and you’ll feel like an artist creating a digital masterpiece.

With the help of motion sensing technology and our creative design software, Quantum Space can turn any room into an interactive art show. Users control the art board by using their gestures and movements as brushstrokes to create a one-of-a-kind interactive masterpiece.

interactive wall.jpg


This motion reactive interactive wall teaches users about kinetic energy and movements, making it ideal for science museums, schools, educational facilities, and more. Logos can be integrated to Quantum Space as well.


Quantum Space is available in two colorful themes and both themes can be used interchangeably. Quantum Space can be customized to include your logo as seen here



The unique feature about Quantum Space is that it seamlessly fits into any venue or business that has space for users to move around and enjoy. This interactive wall product can be displayed using a projector or large screen to create a visual art show.  Quantum Space can be used at museums, hotel lobbies, and more. 

Quantum Space effortlessly captures the attention of many with its endless vibrant colors and patterns. We can also easily integrate your logo into Quantum Space.


Contact us for more information.

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  • What is an interactive floor?
    An interactive floor or interactive floor projector is a projector with a built-in motion sensor that reacts to gestures and movements such as jumps, runs, hand waves, and more. Our versatile interactive floor projection system can be used to play games and also display branding and logos in a fun and unique way.
  • How does interactive floor projection work?
    Simple! An interactive floor projection works by using an interactive projector with a built-in motion sensor to cast a projection onto the floor. The motion sensor will detect a user's gestures and movements while the interactive projector reacts with images, games, and more. Play football in a virtual playground, catch moving letters to spell out a word, and more. With over 100 games and themes, our interactive floor projection is sure to be a hit at any venue.
  • How do you install an interactive floor projector?
    Our interactive floor projector system is mounted to the ceiling with the motion sensor facing downwards so it picks up movement and gestures underneath it. Depending on the ceiling will determine how the interactive projector is mounted for optimal motion sensing and projection of the games and themes.
  • Can a floor projector also be used on the wall?
    Yes, at Breeze Creative we have multiple solutions including interactive floors and walls that can be used simultaneously! To learn more about our solutions and how we can be a perfect fit for your business, please contact us. In the meantime, check out all of our interactive wall solutions here.
  • Can you make a custom-sized interactive floor projector?
    Yes! At Breeze Creative, we work closely with all of our clients who prefer a custom interactive floor, including size, custom games and themes, and branding and digital signage. Our interactive software can be utilized for any use. Contact us today for more information.
  • How can I purchase Dynamic Floor?
    To purchase Dynamic Floor today, please contact us!
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