Quantum Space is an immersive visual experience that turns any space into an art show. Abstract artistic graphics and illustrations are generated on a screen and are affected in real time by anyone who stands before it. Watch colors and patterns change and appear as you move. Twirl, jump, or wave your arms and you’ll feel like an artist creating a digital masterpiece.

This motion reactive interactive wall teaches users about kinetic energy and movements, making it ideal for science museums, schools, educational facilities, and more.


This product can be customized and modified for any client and venue size. 

Available Themes:

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How Does Quantum Space Work?

With the help of motion sensing technology and our creative design software, Quantum Space can turn any room into an immersive, interactive art show. Users control the artboard by using their gestures and movements as brushstrokes to create a one-of-a-kind interactive masterpiece.

Quantum Space is available in three colorful themes and all three themes can be used interchangeably.

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Fluid 1.png

Quantum Space for All

The unique feature about Quantum Space is that it seamlessly fits into any venue or business that has space for users to move around and enjoy. This interactive wall solution can be casted using a projector or large screens to create a visual art show. 

One example of Quantum Space in action is inside a science museum exhibit that teaches users about kinetic energy. Quantum Space shows users how energy is transferred through movement.

Another example of Quantum Space is inside a hotel lobby, where users can enjoy the art show while waiting to be helped or are simply just walking through. 

Quantum Space effortlessly captures the attention of many with its endless vibrant colors and patterns.

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Quantum Space Set Up

This rendering is for Quantum Space with a projector set-up, which is optional.

We also offer television screens in different sizes or a large, multi-screen wall.

qs rend.png

Optional: Professional-grade projector with 4000 lumens of brightness provides clear, vibrant images


Motion sensor detects user's movements and gestures


Projection of the theme where users will see the theme interact and change with their movements.

Optional: this could also be a television or multi-screen wall

Quantum Space Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

How big can Quantum Space be?

This all depends on whether you decide to use a projector, television, or multi-screen wall. We can customize the size to fit your needs, including creating a fully immersive wall and/or room. Contact us to see what option best suits you.

How does Quantum Space work?

Quantum Space is an interactive wall solution that uses motion sensors and our creative software to create an immersive visual arts show. Users will stand in front of either the projection or screen and move around. The motion sensor will pick up their movements and the theme will react and change colors and graphics.

Can I use my own projector or screen if I already have one?

Of course! As long as your hardware is compatible with the Quantum Space software, you can use your own projector or screen. Contact us today to find out if your hardware is compatible.

Are all themes included?

Your Quantum Space purchase will come included with one theme of your choice and you can purchase each additional theme separately. We also have a discounted package rate for all the themes. Contact us for more information.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide and will work with your delivery and installation timeline.