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Ceiling-mounted projector casts vibrant, crisp graphics onto the sand


Dynamic motion sensor picks up all movements and changes to the sand


Durable box can hold over 600 lbs. of sand and is large enough to accommodate up to 10 users

AR sandbox


Our augmented reality sandbox provides countless hours of entertainment for users of all ages. Our high-quality themes are bright, captivating, and exciting. Our larger sandbox can accommodate up to ten users at once, making it the perfect centerpiece at any exhibit, classroom, or indoor entertainment center.

Ou themes are vibrant, exciting, and can easily fit into any floor plan. Want a custom theme tailored to your business?  Contact us for more information.



Our augmented reality sandbox combines the classic feel of a playground sandbox with the advanced technology of augmented reality to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. A custom-made table is filled with sand and a projector mounted to the ceiling displays our interactive themes onto the sand. A motion sensor attached to the projector will detect any movements and changes to the sand, and the projection will react in real time and display an extraordinary sight. 

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The educational benefits of an augmented reality sandbox are endless and can be a great addition to any museum exhibit or classroom. Augmented reality layers teach users about topography and how shifting and moving the sand can change the layers of Earth and impact the ecosystem.  All of our themes include different landforms and an abundance of plants and animals. 


Our AR sandbox can also provide a therapeutic experience as the soft grains of the sand help with sensory and touch.

ANIMATED SANDBOX worldwide gallery

  • What is an interactive floor?
    An interactive floor or interactive floor projector is a projector with a built-in motion sensor that reacts to gestures and movements such as jumps, runs, hand waves, and more. Our versatile interactive floor projection system can be used to play games and also display branding and logos in a fun and unique way.
  • How does interactive floor projection work?
    Simple! An interactive floor projection works by using an interactive projector with a built-in motion sensor to cast a projection onto the floor. The motion sensor will detect a user's gestures and movements while the interactive projector reacts with images, games, and more. Play football in a virtual playground, catch moving letters to spell out a word, and more. With over 100 games and themes, our interactive floor projection is sure to be a hit at any venue.
  • How do you install an interactive floor projector?
    Our interactive floor projector system is mounted to the ceiling with the motion sensor facing downwards so it picks up movement and gestures underneath it. Depending on the ceiling will determine how the interactive projector is mounted for optimal motion sensing and projection of the games and themes.
  • Can a floor projector also be used on the wall?
    Yes, at Breeze Creative we have multiple solutions including interactive floors and walls that can be used simultaneously! To learn more about our solutions and how we can be a perfect fit for your business, please contact us. In the meantime, check out all of our interactive wall solutions here.
  • Can you make a custom-sized interactive floor projector?
    Yes! At Breeze Creative, we work closely with all of our clients who prefer a custom interactive floor, including size, custom games and themes, and branding and digital signage. Our interactive software can be utilized for any use. Contact us today for more information.
  • How can I purchase Dynamic Floor?
    To purchase Dynamic Floor today, please contact us!

“The Animated Sandbox is our first foray into augmented reality at the museum and it’s a delight to kids of all ages and abilities. The therapeutic sand and comforting nature of the exhibit fits right in with our inclusive ethic as well as our desire to continue using innovative technology to teach."

 -     Jennifer Stancil, President and CEO  

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