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Six senses

Laamu, Maldives

Sea Hub of Environmental Learning in Laamu (SHELL), is a multi-use space sitting on sunset beach. The SHELL was designed for guest education and for offering curated and immersive marine conservation experiences. 


The Maldives Underwater Initiative Team offers hands-on guest activities and presentations parallel to their research, conservation efforts, and initiatives to take the next step in marine conservation and sustainable travel with Six Senses Laamu.


The SHELL showcases the stunning marine environment that surrounds them, with breathtaking visuals and immersive hands-on interactive experiences, which include our Draw Alive, Animated Sandbox and Dynamic Floor in the kids zone.

Featured Products:

We are very pleased with the Breeze Creative exhibits on display at Six Senses Laamu’s marine science centre, the SHELL. They manage to keep both children and adults entertained for hours on end. 

   --               Lawrence Menz
Director of Sustainability and Conservation

Six Senses Laamu Atoll, Maldives



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