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Phú Quốc, Vietnam

Client: Vinpearl

Breeze Creative worked alongside Vietnam's largest hotel and amusement park chain, Vinpearl. 

Vinpearl Land in Phú Quốc is a combination of a theme park, water park, and hotel resort all in one.  

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Vinpearl Land was designed with the inspiration of different eras and themes of the world. Breeze was given the opportunity to help design and install their Egyptian realm inside the theme park and completely customize products just for Vinpearl.

Our Animated Sandbox was transformed into an Egyptian desert, where children can dig up and discover pyramids, artifacts, oases, camels, and more. Our customized Draw Alive allows children to color in Egyptian hieroglyphics and characters and scan them into an ancient Egyptian scene along the Nile River. 

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