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The Breeze Play Space is a multi-sensory visitor space that can accommodate a wide range of guests. From children to teens this area has activities for everyone. Breeze offers multiple Play Spaces listed below, each space is crafted to suit a specific size and theme. All spaces promote physical engagement with a focus on creativity, activity and collaboration. Each suggested product can be swapped in or out using a modular system to create your very own unique area.

See the space options below to learn about which combination of products will be suit your needs. 

Explore - 400sqft

The Explore Space includes three interactive elements each designed and themed to create an active and educational playroom. Children will dig, throw and color in this exploration station. Contact us if you think this space is right for your visitors. Click here to read more.

Engage - 400sqft

The Engage space is designed to promote physical activity and exercise. Children will be able to run, jump and touch interactive elements dispersed throughout the space. each game is multiplayer and collaborative. Click here to read more.

Excite - 900sqft

The Excite Space features a collection of our most popular products and experiences. Visitors can color, dig, run, jump and tag a range of digital and physical interactive experiences. Excite and educate your guests with this large digital interactive space. Click here to read more.

Ocean Excite - 900sqft

The Ocean Excite space features ocean themed experiences, giving the guests a feeling of being in a magical underwater play area.  Click here to read more.

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