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Projected Signage

Projected signage can include stop signs, arrows, guidelines, and much more, creating a long lasting solution instead of floor sticker signage.












Projected Lanes

Projected lanes help maintain the flow of traffic move in the right direction, ensuring employees and patrons remain at a safe distance. Projected lanes are a long-lasting solution compared to temporary taped lanes that often need replacing.












Interactive Spaces

Interactive projections around break-room tables will indicate which tables are occupied and which are available, creating a socially distant environment.












Interactive Lanes

This solution will aid employees and patrons to keep a safe, 6-foot distance (as recommended by the CDC) when waiting in lines.

As the world continues living through the coronavirus pandemic, we at Breeze Creative are utilizing our capabilities and interactive technologies to improve work spaces and commercial areas such as warehouses, distribution centers, airports, hospitals, grocery stores, and many other essential businesses.


Not everyone can work remotely,  so our goal is to help these businesses maintain safety guidelines and social distancing measures without making their employees and patrons feel confined or restricted by obstructions such as cones, caution tape, barricades, and peeling floor signs that are only useful short term.


We've developed long-term custom interactive signage solutions that effectively communicate safety and social distancing guidelines and can also be used in the future for directional signage, welcome signage, and much more that can benefit any kind of business in the long run, including museums, schools, and family entertainment centers.

All of our technologies can be completely customized for your business needs, including projection sizes, interaction, designs, company branding, and more. Contact us today for more information.

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