Take your selfie game to the next level with our interactive Selfie Wall! This product allows users to photograph themselves using a touchscreen kiosk and take their selfie to another world using augmented reality. Users can see their face on an astronaut in space, a scuba diver in the middle of the ocean, and much more.


Themes can be customized to fit any space.

"Breeze's Selfie Wall  is a great addition to our museum. Children and adults love using it. The installation process was very simple and smooth."

-                          Maria Isabel Garcia



Available Themes

Hot Air Balloons

SW-Hot Air Balloons.jpg





Scuba Divers

SW-Scuba Divers.jpg



Benefits of a Selfie Wall

What makes a place so special to guests is the moments that they'll remember and cherish. With the use of a Selfie Wall, guests can capture a unique photo and keep it forever to remember the fun times they had at your venue.


A fun photo from our Selfie Wall will also encourage guests to post it to their social media, thus promoting your venue and reaching an audience online.

Our Selfie Wall comes with five themes, but we can create custom themes tailored to your business and branding.


Contact us for more information.

Selfie Wall For All

Our Selfie Wall can fit into any type of space or venue, including hotels, family entertainment centers, visitor centers, malls, and so much more. 

This interactive selfie wall has many uses and can be combined with our other solutions as well to create a fun and entertaining space for guests of all ages. For example, pair our Scuba Divers Selfie Wall with our Marine Life Draw Alive for the perfect underwater interactive experience.

We can work with any sized venue.

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Selfie Wall Set Up

This rendering is for Selfie Wall with a projector set-up, which is optional.

We also offer television screens in different sizes or a large, multi-screen wall as seen in the content above.


Selfie Kiosk where users pose, take the picture, and type their email to receive their photo


Optional: Professional-grade projector with 4000 lumens of brightness provides clear, vibrant images


Projection of the theme where users will see their selfies. Optional: this could also be a television screen with no projector

Selfie Wall Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Selfie Wall themes sold separately?

Your Selfie Wall comes with one theme of your choice and the rest are sold separetely, however, we do have an all-theme package at a discounted rate. Contact us for more information.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do!

If I already own a screen or projector, can I use it for Selfie Wall?

Absolutely! As long as your screen or projector has an HDMI outlet, we can connect Selfie Wall to your screen. Contact us and we can check if your device is compatible.

Can you create a custom Selfie Wall theme for my business?

Yes we can! For all custom work and quotes, please contact us as soon as possible so we can meet any deadlines you may have.

How can guests save their pictures?

Once guests are done taking their selfies, the kiosk will give them the option to enter their email address and their photos will be sent to them.