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New Normal: Touchless Exhibits

Dynamic Floor

As the world enters the beginning stages of the “new normal,” we can’t help but wonder how much will actually change in our daily lives. The most evident changes we’ve seen across the world are social distancing guidelines, wearing face masks while out in public places, and washing and sanitizing our hands often. But what about places where social distancing is the opposite of what it always was, such as family entertainment centers, museums and more?

At Breeze Creative, we are watching the world closely as it reopens, learning about new trends and safety guidelines, and proactively responding to the new normal. We’ve noticed that as museums and family entertainment centers begin to open, many of their hands-on exhibits and areas are still closed to the public and trying to be reconfigured. According to an article written by the New York Times, many museums are struggling on how to reopen their most popular hands-on exhibits, including the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, who has to close an area of their “Paleo Play Zone” exhibit, where children can use paleontological tools to dig through sand and find fossils. Xtreme Park, an all-inclusive family entertainment center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has opened some but not all of their amenities, including their skating rink, laser tag, and go-karting. Their large arcade, indoor ropes course, escape rooms, and bowling alley remain closed, as these amenities tend to have guests closer to each other.

These are just two examples of what many family entertainment centers, museums, theme parks and more across the world are facing. We realized how much we rely on one of our senses for interactivity, learning, and fun. The biggest challenge is trying to keep those elements without the element of touch, and a lot of businesses are realizing that reconfiguring their areas to make them less hands-on and more touchless or gesture based is a solution.

Even here at Breeze, we’re reconfiguring one of our best-selling products, Draw Alive. We’re creating a mobile version where users can color in a picture of their choice and submit it to the Draw Alive screen via QR code. We’ve also added more games and themes to our Dynamic Floor, a completely touchless and gesture based interactive floor projector where users can jump, step, and dance around. Our other touchless products include Wild Run, which we’re also adding more themes to soon, Quantum Space, Motion Reactive Walls, AR Head Tracker, and AR Zoo. Touchless games and exhibits are indefinitely going to be part of the new normal, and we’re working diligently to make our products seamlessly fit into this world.

Every day is a new challenge as uncertainties and unanswered questions are still prominent. At Breeze, we will continue to be vigilant of the world and work closely with our current and potential clients as we figure out the new normal together. Touchless might be the future, and we are ready for it.

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