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Educational Products at Breeze

The use of technology in schools has significantly increased over the past few years. From the introduction to hardware like Smart Boards, to software like iReady and Edmodo, technology continues to shift the way children are learning. Technology continues to prove time and time again that it benefits children in many ways by enhancing their educational experience.

Here at Breeze, we are big advocates of using technology in schools to support the curriculum, and we are eager for students to return to school in a safe and healthy environment. We are committed not only to providing unique, fun experiences for users, but also to providing unique educational experiences for children as well. Our best-selling products demonstrate how technology can provide educational benefits for students all over the world, and how they can fit seamlessly into schools, childcare centers, and other educational institutions.

Our animated sandbox teaches children about topography and the ecological impact of environmental changes. A motion-sensing interactive projection displays a scenic environment on the top of the sand. When children dig, pile up, and move the sand around, the environment changes accordingly in real time. For example, with our ocean theme, children can discover different marine life and ecosystems as they dig through the sand. This augmented reality sandbox is perfect for elementary school science classrooms and after school programs. A bonus to our sandbox is the sensory benefits it provides; the sand’s texture is therapeutic, providing comfort as children’s hands move through the soft grains .

Our Dynamic Floor is an interactive floor projector that comes with over 25 educational games for children of all ages. Games include spelling, math, music, memory skills, and symbol recognition. In addition to supporting curriculum at a variety of grade levels, this interactive floor projector also encourages team play and interactivity. This focus on teamwork strengthens children’s communication and collaboration skills. Dynamic Floor also motivates them to move around and use their bodies to learn, which encourages making physical activity and exercise an everyday habit in their lives. Our interactive floor projector can enhance a child’s education and well-being, much like other technologies found in schools. Dynamic Floor also supports sensory and motor function skills, making it ideal for therapy centers as well.

Our Digital Ball Wall is an interactive wall projector solution in which users throw balls at images and graphics on the projected wall to score points. This product is not only educational and fun, but is also promotes physical activity, team play, and hand-eye coordination, elements that are crucial in a child’s life. Our newest spelling theme also helps to enhance learning development, as it fits well into the classroom curriculum. This theme has two different versions, making it ideal for children of all ages. The first version is designed for early childhood education, where children are given a letter and they throw the ball at the images that start with that letter. The second version allows children to fully spell out words by throwing the ball at the letters in the correct order of their given image. Technology that provides a fun and educational experience makes a child’s learning process memorable.

Draw Alive, our best-selling solution, is a one-of-a-kind drawing experience for children of all ages. Children color in one of several creatures or objects of their choice, place it under our advanced scanner, and watch it appear on the screen and interact within a CGI environment. Children can watch their creations come to life right before their eyes. Draw Alive encourages creativity, arts and crafts, and an understanding of how those creations interact with the world around them. Our themes can also teach children about marine life, farm animals, and different modes of transportation. Draw Alive is perfect for childcare centers and after-school programs.

Wild Run, one of the newest additions to our catalog, is an interactive solution in which users control an avatar of their choice on-screen by using hand gestures and body movements. The objective is to catch as many tokens as possible while dodging obstacles and making it to the finish line before time runs out. Wild Run promotes hand-eye coordination, physical activity, and team play. It’s also contact-free, which promotes cleanliness and safety. Wild Run is ideal for childcare centers and after-school programs.

Quantum Space is an immersive visual art show that inspires children to use their artistic creativity as they watch colorful graphics evolve in real time to match their gestures. This interactive wall solution also teaches children about how their movements are all filled with kinetic energy. Quantum Space is ideal for children of all ages.

These products provide a fun, educational, and one-of-a-kind experience for children of all ages, and we are honored and excited to be a part of the educational experience of children around the world as we believe interacting with technology to enhance learning and knowledge is the key to a bright future.

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