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COVID-19: Maintaining Sustainable Social Distancing Guidelines Using Interactive Technologies

As the world continues living through the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have needed to adjust their daily operations to meet guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure all employees and patrons are safe and healthy.

Businesses such as warehouses, logistics and distribution centers, airports, hospitals, and grocery stores are all considered essential and cannot work remotely. They’ve been following guidelines such as social distancing and wearing face masks or coverings. To properly implement social distancing, businesses have had to reconfigure their workspaces, which includes designating 6-foot work areas, separating workstations with partitions, implement one-way traffic flow, and utilizing floor and wall signs. They’ve also had to check temperatures daily, readjust schedules and lunch breaks, and modify delivery methods if needed.

All these strategies can make a workplace environment feel restricted, confined, and can hinder productivity. The usage of cones, caution tape, barricades, partitions, and taped floor signs and lanes can add to the stress of employees and emphasize the uncertainty of the pandemic. Even for patrons, following proper flow of one-way lane traffic can be difficult with makeshift taped floor signs that are peeling off.

At Breeze Creative, our goal is to find solutions for these strategies that will benefit not only essential businesses, but other companies as well. We’ve designed stagnant and interactive projected signage solutions to help businesses meet social distancing guidelines and safety measures. Our goal is to help keep employees and patrons safe in the most innovative and enjoyable way possible. Here is what we’ve been working on:

Projected Lanes: Projected lanes help maintain the flow of traffic move in the right direction, ensuring employees and patrons remain at a safe distance and are not congesting spaces.

Projected lanes are a long-lasting solution compared to temporary taped lanes that often need replacing. Any business with high foot traffic can benefit from projected lanes, including museums, malls, and indoor theme parks.

Projected Signage: Projected floor and wall signage will also help maintain the flow of foot traffic. Stop signs, caution signs, arrows, and more will help employees and patrons understand how to maneuver around the area. Projected wall signs are also effective in reminding employees to wear their masks, maintain socially distant, wash their hands and sanitize, and anything else a business needs to address.

Interactive Spaces: Interactive Spaces provides a unique and innovative way to maintain socially distant without feeling confined and restricted. Most businesses are using partitions or roping off sections and tables to help employees and patrons keep six feet apart.

Interactive Spaces uses motion-sensing projector technology that will light up and create a 6-foot diameter circle or icon of choice when a user is in their designated area. This will let others know that this area is taken and they cannot step inside. Interactive Spaces is great for assembly lines, stock rooms, warehouses, and break rooms. It’s also great for museum exhibits, galleries, and concert venues.

Interactive Lanes: Interactive Lanes, similar to Interactive Spaces, is another solution that helps employees and patrons remain socially distant. Interactive Lanes creates a 6-foot interactive projection that will react when a user steps on it, reminding them to remain distant. This solution is perfect for airports, museums, indoor theme parks, large retail stores, hotel lobbies, and any other business where long lines tend to form.

Our projected signage solutions are just one way of helping maintain sustainable social distancing guidelines and keeping employees and patrons safe and healthy. Our interactive safety signage also helps employee engagement and performance as it creates a positive work environment. However, we at Breeze like to think positive and long-term, which is why these solutions can also be used regularly in the future. Once the pandemic is over, we can redesign all COVID-19 signage into welcome signage, directional signage, and much more for any kind of business, including museums, schools, family entertainment centers, and more. All signage can be completely custom made.

Our objective is to help businesses succeed during a pandemic that has affected all of us. Contact us for more information on our projected signage.

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