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Animated Sandbox for Educational Fun!

Our Animated Sandbox is an exciting and educational interactive experience in which users can change and redesign habitats and topography in realtime. This product focuses on combining interactivity, imagination, and education to provide a unique experience for guests of all ages.

Ready Set Fun, Atlanta

Our augmented reality sandbox is an interactive educational tool that can benefit many businesses, including museums and schools. Users of all ages can learn about topography and different landscapes. How it Works: Users will pile up and dig out sand, while an interactive sensor detects the changes made to the sand and the projection adjusts accordingly in real time. Augmented reality layers will make mountains, plains, and bodies of water, teaching users about topography and different environments. Animals and plants will react to the changes and roam where they are found in their natural habitats.

Augmented reality sandboxes can be the main focus in an exhibit at a children’s museum. For example, at Miami Children’s Museum, our Ocean theme Animated Sandbox is situated in the center of a blue room that’s supposed to feel like you’re swimming underwater. As users play with the sand, fishes and other underwater creatures appear in realtime!

Ocean Theme at Miami Children's Museum

Our Animated Sandbox is also great for schools, daycares, and therapy centers. We installed our Dinosaur Animated Sandbox at a local daycare, where children under the age of 5 can play with the sand and learn about topography and explore vibrant colors at a young age. This provides them with a unique experience no other daycare has. Not only is an augmented reality sandbox educational, it can also assist with therapeutic sensory exercises. Users can feel the softness of the sand and mold it, which helps activate and soothe the senses.

Local Daycare

Overall, our augmented reality sandbox provides a unique, interactive, and educational experience for users of all ages. Explore, create, and educate with our Animated Sandbox today!

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