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Back to School Fun with Our Dynamic Floor!

It’s time to go back to school and we’re rounding up Dynamic Floor themes that benefit elementary school education all year round.

Interactive learning, with the help of technology, has proven to be beneficial for students of all ages and abilities. Our Dynamic Floor’s educational themes fit seamlessly into lesson plans and curriculum. They are developed based on Common Core standards and are a fun and engaging approach to supplement curriculum in the areas of math, language arts, geography, and more. Keep reading to learn about how our educational themes can enhance your school’s lesson plans.

Dynamic Floor is an interactive floor projector that features 20 games and experiences for children of all ages, including spelling, math, music, geography, and symbol recognition. In addition to the educational benefits, these games promote teamwork, physical activity, problem solving, and social emotional learning in a collaborative environment. Here are a few educational themes for Dynamic Floor categorized by subject:


Math Bee

Math Bee includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems and can be adjusted by grade level, supporting daily math curriculum.


USA Road Trip

Take a cross country road trip and help us locate different states along the way!


Beach Party

Master the alphabet with Beach Party by selecting the animal whose name begins with the correct letter.

Overall, Dynamic Floor is a versatile, interactive tool that engages students on a higher level and supports daily lesson plans. It is the perfect blend of physical and digital interactivity. The Dynamic Floor encourages team play and coordination, and provides the added layer of technology that children have become so adept with.

Contact us to view our entire library of educational themes.


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