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Breeze Creative's Educational Interactive Themes

At Breeze Creative, we understand the importance of creating an engaging environment for elementary school classrooms. It is proven that the more engaging a lesson plan is, the more it will resonate with students, allowing them to learn and connect on a deeper level. Interactive learning is trending nowadays, with technology at the forefront of classrooms and day-to-day activities.

Because of this, we're committed to creating interactive products that serve as an effective educational supplemental tool for children and educators. Our educational products inspire children to explore, create, and learn with their classmates, encouraging social-emotional learning while also focusing on common core standards.

We've developed educational themes and games for our best-selling products, Dynamic Floor and Digital Ball Wall, that support common core standards and encourage interactive learning.

Our educational themes can provide an extension to daily lesson plans and help enrich standard curriculum with fun and active games. We're highlighting three of our educational themes below. Keep reading to learn more.

Math Bee - Dynamic Floor

How It Works: Users can play in single or competition mode. They are given a math equation and the objective is to step on the flower with the correct answer.

This theme supports core elementary math curriculum including addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Spell With Me - Digital Ball Wall

How It Works: Users can play in single or competition mode. They are given a letter and the objective is to throw balls at the items that begin with that letter to earn points. This theme encourages users to learn about different words, expand their vocabulary, and practice spelling.

USA Road Trip - Dynamic Floor

How It Works: Students are given the name of a state and must step the correct state out of two options highlighted on the United States map. Students earn "gas mileage" points as they select the correct state.

This game supplements the fundamentals of U.S. Geography, a subject that is part of core curriculum. We also have a World Geography theme, which is the same concept with countries from around the world.

Our overall goal with our products are not just to be entertaining, but to also provide a timeless interactive tool to educators and students. Our educational themes focus on common core standards, supplement elementary curriculum, and engage students on a deeper level. Our products and themes are also impactful in sensory rooms and children with special needs, with soothing floor projection walk trails and tactile augmented reality sand tables like our Animated Sandbox. You can also read more about our impact at schools and educational institutions and contact us for more information on our entire library of interactive educational themes.


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