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Celebrate Earth Day With Breeze Creative!

In an effort to help educate and spread environmental awareness, we've created games and themes that focus on showing a variety of wildlife in their natural habitats and improving our planet.

Draw Alive

Our Draw Alive features over six themes inspired by Earth's ecosystems, such as Marine Life (shown above), Alpine Forest, Jungle and more. Each theme has over five animal templates to choose from. Draw Alive is a fun and innovative way to teach children about different animal habitats.

Themes: Fresh Water, Jungle, Alpine Forest

Animated Sandbox

Our Animated Sandbox includes five themes, all of which show Earth's ecosystems. By digging and piling the sand, users learn about how Earth's elevations change the topography and how they can impact the ecosystem. All of our themes include different landforms, plants and animals. The Animated Sandbox is great for museum exhibits, family entertainment centers and more!

Themes: Bugs and Safari

Digital Ball Wall

Appreciating Earth's nature is important, but to conserve it is even more significant. Our Digital Ball Wall themes, “Clean the River” and “Save the Ocean,” raise awareness about keeping our water free of trash. Players earn points by collecting trash from the different environmental scenes! This is the most engaging way of teaching our children about the harmful effects of pollution in our rivers and oceans!

Let's celebrate Earth Day together! Email us to learn more about our nature and conservation themes.


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