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Breeze Creative + Champions League Experience Brazil = Golazo!

Breeze Creative has partnered with Champions League to create a fun, immersive space that the entire family will enjoy. The Champions League Experience in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is an official space for the UEFA Champions League. The entertainment center is equipped with a sports bar, premium bleachers, arcade, gym, events area, parties, shop and a kids room with immersive and interactive attractions. This digital playground was designed by Breeze to provide active, engaging, and creative experiences for guests of all ages.

The vision for the space was to create an environment where kids are safe to run around, play and create, while their parents cheer on their favorite teams. We know what you’re thinking, “This place would be perfect for my child’s next birthday party!” The space is available as a rental venue for birthday parties. Parents will enjoy it just as much as the kids!

The Champions League Experience has quickly become a family entertainment destination. It is a must visit when visiting the Parque de Cidade Mall in Sao Paolo.

The interactive products in the digital playroom are exclusively by Breeze Creative. Products featured are:

Animated Sandbox: Animated Sandbox is an augmented reality sandbox in which users can play with sand and watch the graphics change in realtime. Champions League Experience features all five of our themes.

Draw Alive: Watch your drawings come to life with Draw Alive! With the help of a magic scanner, users can color in a template of their choice and watch it come to life on the screen.

Dynamic Floor: Champions League Experience has our soccer theme so kids can imagine and play along with their favorite team.

Digital Ball Wall: Play with your friends and practice your aim with Digital Ball Wall. Kids of all ages can enjoy this interactive projector wall game.

Have you been to the Champions League Experience in Brazil? Are you interested in creating a digital playground for your business? Contact us today for more info!


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