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Draw Alive: The Interactive Drawing Game That Comes to Life!

Sometimes it's hard to explain what Draw Alive is, so we usually let the images and videos do the talking. However, in this post, we want to dive deeper into our creative world and elaborate on this one-of-a-kind interactive solution for kids of all ages and venues of all sorts.

So, what exactly is Draw Alive? Draw Alive is an interactive solution in which children can watch their drawings come to life. Yes, seriously. First, they choose a drawing of their choice from one of our five themes. Once they finish coloring their masterpiece, they'll place it underneath our interactive scanner, wait approximately three seconds, then watch it appear on a large screen as part of the themed world! Our five themes include: marine life, dinosaurs, farm animals, planes, and cars, and each theme has different coloring templates to choose from.

Tell me more? Draw Alive is available in paper, tablet, and even mobile form. Tablet form does not require a scanner. Children will color in their selected drawing on an individual tablet, press the send button when they are finished, and within seconds, their drawing will appear on the screen! As for our mobile version, it promotes contactless play by using one's own phone to use the interactive coloring game. Similar to the tablet, users will color in their drawing on their mobile devices and send it to the screen once they are finished. All of our versions are exciting for children of all ages as they watch their drawing come to life. Magic? No, Breeze Creative.

Where can I find Draw Alive? Draw Alive can easily be found in many venues around the world. From a museum in the Netherlands to a restaurant in Colombia, Draw Alive is perfect for any kind of venue, big or small. We take pride in knowing our drawing game that comes to life can easily fit into any industry, including educational institutions such as childcare facilities and after school programs, or waiting areas like Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

What else can I expect with Draw Alive? With our unique color and scan to life game, you'll find that your guests will be entertained for quite a while as they'll want to watch their drawings move around on the screen. Draw Alive also pairs well with our other interactive solutions such as Digital Ball Wall and Dynamic Floor. At the Cartoon Network Hotel, we've created a custom interactive play room with all three of these interactive solutions!

Wait, you can make a custom Draw Alive? We sure can! In addition to our five standard themes, we can create and customize Draw Alive to your needs and branding. Just take a look at what we created for Vinpearl Land in Vietnam. We will work alongside any client from start to finish to create a custom theme, perfectly curated for their venue. We can also make custom sizes as well. The options are endless with our interactive drawing game and other solutions.

Can you ship Draw Alive worldwide? How does installation work? Yes, we can ship Draw Alive to anywhere in the world! Installation is easy; our expert team can remotely walk you through the process, or if preferred, they can meet you on site!

What else do I need to know? We've dove pretty deep into details about our amazing interactive drawing game. Like we said, we take pride in knowing Draw Alive is such a versatile solution in terms of where it fits and its uniqueness. From restaurants, to hotels and museums, Draw Alive is sure to be a hit anywhere you find it.

Questions? Feel free to contact us! We'd love to answer any questions you may have.


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