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Interactive Experiences for Pediatric Healthcare

Healthcare is a very important part of society, especially pediatric healthcare. Pediatric healthcare comes in many forms, such as hospitals, primary care, urgent care, therapy, and pediatric dentistry, to name a few. Many children fear going to the doctor, so offices try their best to alleviate the stress and nerves by adding games in their waiting rooms, brightening the rooms with fun colors and wallpapers, and giving them a lollipop or sticker once their appointment is over. These are all great tactics to ease children into their appointments or treatments. However, what if we told you there’s a way you can elevate your waiting rooms and treatment care? We can help you make doctor visits a little less scary and a lot more exciting and interactive.

Our interactive products are an exceptional addition to all kinds of pediatric care facilities. Below we will share the top two products and their benefits.

Draw Alive

Draw Alive - Tablet Version at local New York pediatric hospital

Draw Alive is an interactive drawing game where children of all ages can watch their drawings come to life. Available in ten themes and paper or mobile/tablet versions, Draw Alive is perfect for waiting rooms and care facilities.

Both versions require a screen, which most waiting rooms already have. Set up a coloring area for the kids to sit and create their paper templates while they wait to be seen by their doctor, or children can even use their own personal mobile devices to color. All they'll need is a stable Wi-Fi connection. We recommend the paper version for waiting rooms with ample space or treatment facilities with family gathering rooms so everyone can enjoy the magic of Draw Alive. The advantage of the mobile version is it requires minimal equipment and can be enjoyed by everyone with a mobile device.

To learn more about both versions of Draw Alive, click here.

Quantum Space

Quantum Space is a fun and touchless motion reactive wall in which users stand in front of a projection and watch it change and react in real-time as they move around. This is perfect for waiting rooms and treatment facilities, as it is multi-user and does not take up too much space. Children can use it and enjoy it together, and all that is needed is a plain wall and ceiling space to mount a projector. When not in use, Quantum Space is a digital art piece, making it a unique addition to your waiting room.

Click here to learn more about Quantum Space.

Overall, pediatric healthcare is crucial and does not have to be scary for children. Adding an interactive product to a child’s healthcare experience can add a touch of magic they all deserve. Whether you are a direct physician, healthcare facility or design agency, contact us today for more information. We are happy to help!

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