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Learning is Fun with Breeze Interactives!

Exercise your mind with our interactive experiences! Breeze Creative products are supplemental tools that support elementary core curriculum. Kids will explore and learn through hands-on play.

Digital Ball Wall

Spell with Me for Digital Ball Wall encourages children to learn about different words and expand their vocabulary. This theme supplements language arts for students in kindergarten and first grade.

How It Works: Users can play in single or competition mode. They are given a letter and the objective is to throw balls at the items that begin with that letter to earn points.

Dynamic Floor

Shown in the video above and images below are educational themes for our best-selling product Dynamic Floor. These games touch base on some elementary school subjects, such as math, geography, and letter recognition, and also encourage teamwork.

Animated Sandbox

Our Animated Sandbox teaches children about topography, land elevations, and different animal habitats. Our newly redesigned table is wheelchair accessible on two sides, making this experience perfect for sensory therapy for children of all ages ans abilities. It also encourages teamwork and sharing, as the box is large for 10 users to surround it at once.

Our educational themes can provide an extension to daily lesson plans and help enrich standard curriculum with fun and active games. Our themes supplement many different elementary school subjects and are sure to enrich young minds. Contact us today for more information!


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