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New Year, New Themes!

Happy New Year from Breeze Creative! We’re welcoming 2023 with brand-new games for our best-selling product, Digital Ball Wall.

Digital Ball Wall is an interactive wall projection game in which users throw balls at targets on a projected screen to score points. All our Digital Ball Wall games can be played single-player or multiplayer for ultimate fun in any setting! Digital Ball Wall is perfect for family entertainment centers, interactive children’s museums, physical education, therapy centers, and much more.

Digital Ball Wall now includes 15 THEMES, including 5 recently released new ones!

Colorverse: Hit the most shapes of your color before time runs out to beat the other players.

Agility: Practice and improve your speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination by hitting your colored cube before it disappears!

Speed of Numbers: Pop all the same numbered bubbles before time runs out to move onto the next round of bubble numbers!

Wild West: Practice your aim by hitting the bottles and cans in the Wild Wild West!

Clean the River: Help curb pollution by gathering all the trash in the river before time runs out. This game is also available for Dynamic Floor.

These new games are sure to be a hit for people of all ages in a wide variety of settings. Interested in multiple games? Not a problem! We now offer a subscription service that grants you access to our entire library of Digital Ball Wall themes (and future new ones), so you won’t ever miss out on the fun.

Contact us for more information and to purchase your Digital Ball Wall today!


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