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Breeze Creative's Galactic Installations at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's Planet Play

At Breeze Creative, we always reach for the stars, so when Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex reached out to us to collaborate on another out-of-this-world project, we suited up and prepared for liftoff. Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex recently opened Planet Play, an interactive indoor playground exhibit where children can learn about space and the solar system.

Not just a playground, this attraction also includes numerous interactive gaming and artistic components designed to create a memorable learning experience, including three of Breeze’s custom installations: Draw Alive, Dynamic Floor, and an interactive slide. Our design studio created custom themes for the space center tailored to educate visitors in a unique and interactive way. To learn more about our custom installations at Planet Play, visit our success stories page.

This was the second occasion Breeze collaborated with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The first time was to create a customized Selfie Wall located inside the Space Shop. We are honored to be part of the experiences at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex that welcome guests from around the world.

The grand opening of Planet Play was also featured in the Orlando Sentinel.


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