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Create Environmental Awareness With Our Interactive Experiences!

At Breeze Creative, we are striving to build dynamic educational tools that allow children to learn, explore and create. We all share a responsibility to make our world a better place, and what better way than using our fun and engaging interactive products as platforms to spread awareness about pollution in our lakes and oceans?

We’ve developed new games for some of our best-selling products that focus on recycling plastic and other environmental pollutants from different habitats. Our other classic themes also teach children of all ages about different habitats and ecosystems.

Environmental Protection

“Clean the River” and “Save the Ocean,” both available for Digital Ball Wall and Dynamic Floor, are interactive games that encourage users to keep our planet clean. Players will earn points by recycling the trash that falls into the water.

Clean the River & Save the Ocean

Conserving the Coral Reefs

Our 3D coral reef floor comes to life when users walk over the interactive projection. Water will ripple and sea life will scatter as you walk, crawl or dance over the floor. Children and adults alike are mesmerized with the beauty of coral reefs and their inhabitants. Coral reefs play an integral role in our oceans’ ecosystem. Educating children about their importance will encourage them to take care of our oceans by recycling and avoiding the use of harmful environmental pollutants. Themes featuring coral reefs are available for Dynamic Floor and Draw Alive.

Observing the Wildlife

Our wildlife themes can help introduce the conversation about relationships found in different ecosystems in an engaging way for children of all ages. Children can create a collaborative, digital masterpiece meanwhile learning about the importance of conserving our wildlife and the planet that we share with all living creatures.

Jungle, Alpine Forest, Fresh Water, Safari

These themes are perfect for science museums, educational facilities, zoos, aquariums and more. We believe making sustainable choices starts at a young age. Using our interactive products and themes to educate children is just one of the few ways we contribute to the global mission of sustainability.

Contact us for more information on our themes!


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