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Which Dynamic Floor Games and Themes Are Perfect for Your Business?

Our best-seller Dynamic Floor comes with a variety of games and themes that benefit many businesses, including museums, indoor playgrounds, waiting rooms, senior living homes, and also schools. Interactive floor projectors are universally entertaining and easy to set up, making it the ideal product for businesses of all types and sizes. Keep reading to learn about the different categories of games and themes and their benefits.


Our general interactive games and sports themes are exciting and entertaining for children of all ages. Users can play solo or in competition mode for the ultimate interactive experience, and follow the rules to extend game play and win the level. These themes promote socializing and team play, which are important aspects of children's lives. All of our games are colorful, vibrant, and easy to play, making it the perfect addition to an indoor playground, arcade, or birthday party venue.

Soccer Ballerina Den of the Dragons

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Ideal For: Waiting Rooms, Indoor Playgrounds, Physical Education Classes, Summer Camps, Children's Museums, Cruises, Malls, Birthday Party Venues, Arcades and More


Dynamic Floor includes a suite of well-rounded educational games that can provide an extension to daily elementary lesson plans and help enrich standard curriculum. Dynamic Floor also provides an interactive learning experience, which is proven to resonate well with children and allows them to connect on a deeper, cognitive and social-emotional level. Some educational game subjects include math, spelling, and geography.

USA Road Trip Math Bee ABC Blocks

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Ideal For: Schools, Tutoring Centers, Children's Museums, Children's Therapy Centers and More


Our variety of atmosphere themes extends from frolicking in a meadow full of flowers to walking on the moon! Atmosphere themes are perfect for places like malls, lobbies, and senior living homes. For senior living homes, they provide a cognitively stimulating experience with all of the vibrant colors and interactions. They also improve the social experiences among residents and encourages physical activity. Our atmosphere themes can definitely benefit many businesses and can provide an interactive and exciting experience for users of all ages.

Walking on the Moon Blooming Flowers Coral Reef

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Ideal For: Waiting Rooms, Indoor Playgrounds, Senior Living Homes, Museums, Malls, Lobbies, Children's Therapy Centers and More.

Each Dynamic Floor comes preinstalled with 20 games and themes, with an option to purchase a subscription with over 100 games and themes. Want to learn more about our interactive floor projector? Contact us for more information.

P.S. Dynamic Floor is now available in Dynamic Table! Capture all the fun of Dynamic Floor but in a table format, ideal for smaller spaces such as classrooms and waiting rooms.


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