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San Antonio, Texas

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Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas is the world’s first Ultra-Accessible theme park. It was specially designed for individuals with special needs. The park is completely wheelchair-accessible and features rides, playgrounds, and other attractions.

Morgan’s Wonderland features our Selfie Wall, Mobile Draw alive, and Animated Sandbox. We redesigned the Animated Sandbox to be ADA compliant specifically for this project. This design is now featured as our standard product, so everyone can enjoy the Animated Sandbox.

Our products are located in the park’s Sensory Village and are enjoyed by families and visitors of all ages and abilities.

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"Breeze Creative was more than willing to work with us to ensure the product would be full-inclusive for our needs and the overall guest experience. The help of Breeze Creative has allowed us to continue to create lasting memories for our families in our Ultra-Accessible  environment."                                       

- Jessica Lizardo, CEO/General Manager

Featured Products:

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