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Thanks for Visiting Us at DEAL Dubai!

Last week, we attended DEAL Dubai, a highly-anticipated trade show for the family entertainment, amusement, and leisure industries. Businesses from around the world showcase their newest attractions and products, and we were there exhibiting our best-selling products, shown below.

Dynamic Floor

Watch the floor beneath you come to life with Dynamic Floor! Dynamic Floor features many games and themes which makes it versatile and beneficial to any family entertainment center or business. Our interactive floor projector is great for visitors of all ages and abilities.

Draw Alive

Watch your drawings come to life! Draw Alive is an interactive drawing game in which users select a template, color it in, then watch it come to life with our magic scanner or with their mobile devices. Draw Alive is available in paper and mobile versions. Watch the video above to see both versions together in action, and read more about them here. Draw Alive is available in eight themes, and two more are coming soon!

Animated Sandbox

Our Animated Sandbox is an augmented reality sandbox in which users can change and redesign habitats and topography. This product provides an exciting and educational interactive experience where users can explore, create, and learn using augmented reality technology and soft sand. Animated Sandbox is available in five vibrant themes.

Did you miss us at DEAL Dubai? Not too worry, contact us today for more information on our global best-selling products today!


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