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Meet Draw Alive, an Interactive Drawing Game That Comes to Life and Is Great for Any Business

Draw Alive is our most popular product, mainly because of its versatility, simple set up, and interactive entertainment for children of all ages. But what is Draw Alive exactly? Draw Alive is an interactive digital drawing game in which children can color in creatures and animals and watch them virtually come alive. Once their drawings are complete, children can watch their masterpieces swim, fly, and move throughout a virtual world.

Draw Alive is available in paper, tablet and mobile version. All versions include all of our available themes, and each is suitable for a variety of businesses. Let's start with our traditional paper format.

Paper Draw Alive

Paper Draw Alive with Marine Theme at Land of Legends, Turkey

Paper Draw Alive consists of a screen of your choice, paper templates, coloring supplies and table, and our magic scanner. Children choose a template, color it in, then once they're ready, place it under the magic scanner, and in a few seconds, their drawing will appear on the screen inside the themed world!

We recommend this version for businesses such as museums, family entertainment centers, schools, therapy centers, restaurants with kid sections, and businesses that have enough room for a coloring table and the magic scanner, access to a printer, and prefer a fully interactive experience for their guests.

An example of an ideal situation where Draw Alive fits perfectly would be at a children's museum with an interactive arts exhibit. Draw Alive is considered a digital art exhibition because children use technology and art to create an interactive experience.

Paper Draw Alive captures the magic of art and technology at once, and the best part is, children can take their drawings home and remember the experience they had at your business.

Tablet Draw Alive

Tablet Draw Alive with Planes Theme at LaGuardia Airport in New York

We understand that it can become difficult to restock coloring supplies, reprint templates, and keep the coloring area clean, so we decided to release a tablet version of Draw Alive. Tablet Draw Alive is the same interactive fun as Paper Draw Alive, however, instead of coloring supplies, templates, and a scanner everything is done on a tablet. A screen of your choice is still required.

As shown in the image above, the tablets are preinstalled with our Draw Alive software. Children will select their templates and color them in on the tablets, then once they're ready, they'll click submit and in a few seconds, their drawing will appear on the screen.

Tablet Draw Alive is ideal for businesses such as airports, malls, hotel lobbies, and businesses who still want the fun of Draw Alive but less of an upkeep. Check out our case study with LaGuardia Airport here.

Mobile Draw Alive

Mobile Draw Alive is our newest version that we developed during the pandemic. The main goal for this version was to still capture the magic of Draw Alive, however, instead of using coloring supplies or a tablet, users can use their own personal mobile devices. This version still requires a screen of your choice where the Draw Alive software will be plugged into and displayed. Once set up, users go to our Draw Alive site, enter the special code shown on the screen, then have fun and color in their chosen templates. Like the tablet version, once they are complete, they submit it and in a few seconds it will appear on the screen.

Mobile Draw Alive is perfect for businesses that want to keep the set-up as simple as possible. Mobile Draw Alive can complement our other versions as well, should you decide to have multiple versions. Mobile Draw Alive is great for restaurant waiting areas, pediatric waiting rooms, hospitals, and smaller businesses.

Draw Alive is a versatile, simple-to-set-up interactive digital drawing game that is suitable for a variety of businesses. Our themes are vibrant, fun, and are sure to be a hit among guests of all ages. See all of our themes and more about Draw Alive here. We have two new themes coming very soon!

Contact us for more information on Draw Alive.


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