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Motion Graffiti

Motion Reactive Walls are a variety of interactive games and displays that are activated by body movement. Users will stand in front of a large screen to create different visual effects, virtual art and play games.


All three themes promote creativity and hand-eye coordination, while also being immersive and exciting, making it ideal for educational facilities, museums, hotels and resorts, and much more.


Motion Graffiti: Users will become interactive digital artists in front of a large screen. Hand movements create brush strokes of different colors and textures all while promoting physical activity and visual engagement.


Kinectris: Kinectris is an interactive game where users experience the classic game of Tetris in a whole new way. Body positions are detected by the system to create a Tetris puzzle piece and mimic the shape the player has made. The piece will then fall into place wherever the player is standing in real-time. This game can be played solo or against an opponent.

Wall of Interactions: This magic mirror is sure to grab the attention of any passerby. User will watch as their image warps into new shapes and changes colors. The mesmerizing visual effects catch the attention of visitors of all ages.


Motion Reactive Walls can be purchased as is or completely customized to any client or project. Themes and scale sizes can also be personalized.

Available Themes:

Wall of Interactions

Motion Graffiti


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