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The Power of Location-Based Entertainment Experiences with Breeze

You may have heard the trending industry phrase, “location-based entertainment” or “LBE.” But what exactly is LBE?  

Location-based entertainment incorporates Brand IP in physical spaces where families go to play, eat, and shop. It offers a platform to leverage brands and characters that consumers know and love.  

By combining digital and physical interaction, location-based entertainment attracts visitors to physical destinations like restaurants, Malls, Retail and other attraction spaces. Why eat at an ordinary restaurant when you can create unforgettable memories, surrounded by your favorite characters, at a themed restaurant that offers more than just food?

Our Interactive Touch Wall - Trolls the Experience New York City

Using iconic brands in location-based entertainment not only draws visitors to a physical location, but it also keeps them on-site longer. It creates an environment the entire family can enjoy. LBE creates share-able moments which, in turn, boosts awareness. Our interactive experiences engage consumers by creating unique destinations where they can experience their favorite brands, characters, books, sports teams, and movies in unique ways.

Breeze uses a variety of techniques combining Digital and hands-on, such as augmented reality, motion-sensing technology, touch applications, and more, to develop experiential entertainment. Our in-house capabilities allow us to customize our standard products, as well as create entirely new experiences, using dedicated Brand IPs and themes. Visit our Success Stories page to see some examples, such as the Cartoon Network Hotel, National Geographic Ultimate Explorer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and more!  

Dynamic Floor - Planet Play at Kennedy Space Center / Draw Alive - Cartoon Network Hotel

Our approach to client engagement extends far beyond traditional mediums. We incorporate sophisticated digital elements into all our experiences, with a focus on storytelling, theming, and interactivity. By using custom-themed Breeze Creative products for location-based entertainment, brands can enhance spaces and create unforgettable entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Let's revolutionize your brand together by creating location based entertainment experiences for guests of all ages.


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